201 Jefferson Street
Smyrna, TN 37167
February 16-18, 2018

Geeks need love too!

Freedom Fidos

Offical Charity of PurpleBunnyCon
Freedom Fidos will be onsite during the convention and
there will be a silent auction, charity boons, and other
other options for you to pay it forward and show your support

Registration is now open for the 2018 Pathfinder Society Organized play (PFS) convention in Smyrna, TN sponsored by the one and only Purple Fluffy CatBunnyGnome! Thea is the first female 5 star Game Master (GM) in PFS, and the Venture Captain for the Middle Tennessee Soceity Gamers lodge.
NOTE: Almost all GM slots have been filled for PurpleBunnyCon 2018. There are still a few slots open and you can sign up on Warhorn. If you would like to GM another slot E-Mail PurpleFluffyCatBunnyGnome and we will contact you if slots become available.

PurpleBunnyCon will be running games all day Friday for the 3rd year in a row. We look forward to seeing you for the entire weekend if you are able to make it.

NOTE:We wil lbe running a "classic" table each slot this year. On the classic table the secenario is not set, and the table will decide what scenario they want to play when they all sit down at the table.

A special thank you to Gladiator Games for being the offical sponsor store of Purple Bunny Con 2018! We were sad to see Dave and the crew at Roll the Dice close their doors this year but Mike has stepped up and welcomed us with open arms allowing us to transition seamlessly to a new gaming venue.

Special PurpleBunnyCon Incentives!

  • If a player or GM wears bunny ears at any point during the con they get an extra roll at the prize table
  • - Wear Purple bunny ears to get a +1 to the roll
  • Every slot a player wears a full bunny suit for the entire slot they get an additional roll at the prize table

Con Registration

$20.00 - Early bunny registration before 01 Jan 2018
$25.00 - Late bunny registration 01 Jan 2017- 01 Feb 2018
$30.00 - Registration at the door for the weekend
$15.00 - Day pass for a single day

An additional $15 will get you a PurpleBunnyCon t-shirt if you order in advance.
A limited number of t-shirts will be available at the convention.
T-Shirt Sizes

You can also register on Warhorn to reserve your slots. After your pre-registration has been received you will be approved to sign up for your slots:

Scenarios are primarily from season 8, with a few season 6-7 sceanrios thrown in.. -- See the Warhorn page for all scenarios and to sign up for your slots (Warhorn updates coming soon)
  • 4 and 5 GM exclusive scenarios
  • We Be 4 Goblins
  • Sat. afternoon Special: Cosmic Captive